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Safety and high efficiency of removal of hangings in bunkers, cleaning coal dust, coke, collapsing of arches of bulk materials as well as protection from the emergency situations offers broad application of magnetic impulse installation MIG in chemical industry.

Use of Siemens controller in MIG installation automates the process of magnetic impulse cleaning system for cleaning bunkers, silos, cyclonic separators, etc. and eliminates sticking and hanging of loose materials on the walls of the working surfaces without interruption of technological processes or use of an operator. Installation MIG is compatible with any control systems used in chemical industry.
Coke production

The use of magnetic impulse cleaning system to clean cars, bunkers, cyclonic separators, boilers, silos and other containers and processing equipment used in the manufacture of coke can qualitatively eliminate hanging of loose materials and perform collapsing of arches and destruction of deposits.

Magnetic impulse installation MIG is required at all stages of production cycle, from raw material unloading from cars and cleaning such containers from adhering materials to filter regeneration and purification of coal dust.

Unlike electromechanical vibrators of pneumatic cleaning that are used to clean cars magnetic impulse system can break down depositing and completely clean the walls from remnants of coal of any level of moisture during any season.

MIG installation demostrated high efficiency in arch-collapsinf in silos and its cleaning from caking coal mass in areas of coal-processing. Destruction of coal deposits from the walls of metering binkers and cleaning of storage silos with the use MIG installation ensures continuity and preservation of integrity of container walls.

Production of fertilizers

In the production of fertilizers magnetic impulse installation MIG eliminates build-up of dust and granulated slag in bunkers and silos, provides an accurate and stable dosing of additives by removing loose hanging in bunkers and the collapsing of arching in silos.

Easy fine-tuning of MIG installation facilitates fast selection of optimal mode of operation for the most effective collapse of arches and cleaning of cyclonic separators, silos, boilers, chutes and bunkers from hanging of raw materials and finished product.

The use of magnetic impulse cleaning system from cleaning bunkers and other containers in the production of mineral fertilizers ensures the stability of the production cycle through the timely release of  bulk materials and uninterrupted operation of metering bunkers, complete cleaning of accumulating silos and increases time of service of containers.

Pigment production

Magnetic impulse installation MIG is used at various plants of chemical industry that produce different pigments for paint production. It effectively eliminates the freeze in bunkers of packing lines of titanium dioxide, red iron oxide pigment, etc. and provides for uninterrupted manufacture of finished product.

Cleaning of drying chambers with the use of magnetic impulse system eliminates sticking of the finished product to the walls, ensures complete emptying of baskets of dryers and significantly improves the efficiency of the plants that manufacture synthetic pigments.
MIG installation is successfully used in the manufacture of pigments, not only in cleaning containers but also for the regeneration of the filters by shaking bag filters and collapsing dust arches.
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