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Magnetic impulse cleaning systems have been applied to the concentrators of fuel companies and coal enterprises. They are widely used to clean bunkers from coke, to clean storage and receiving bunkers from coal dust and to collapse hung materials, in chutes and conveyors and cyclone dust collectors, to remove sediment and buildup on surfaces of baths screens, etc.

Magnetic impulse installation MIG is an efficient solution to problems in the coal industry:

  • Destruction of the deposits and cleaning of bunkers from coal and coal dust charge
  • Elimination of build-up on the walls of cargo handling equipment
  • Collapse of arching of materials and cleaning of coal dust cyclones in the area of aspiration
  • Cleaning of bunkers from frozen coal in winter without heating
  • Prevention and elimination of freezing coal in exhaust funnels of bunkers
  • Timely and systematic cleaning of bunkers and other containers to prevent spontaneous combustion of coal, and coal dust charge
  • Cleaning of car dumpers from the remnants of coal charge
The practice of applying magnetic impulse cleaning system of bunkers, cyclonic separators and other containers in coal industry has shown high efficiency of this method in comparison with other equipment (electric vibrators, pneumatic destroyers, defrosters, crushing and milling machines), and manual cleaning.
Magnetic impulse installations MIG are available in different types with different specifications that allow to find the best option for addressing problems of cleaning bunkers from coke, coal, rock and coal dust.

The advantages of using magnetic impulse installation MIG in the coal industry are obvious:

  • A safe way of contactless cleaning of bunkers, car dumpers, chutes, feeders and other technological equipment from freezing, sticking and arching of coal, coke, and coal dust charge
  • Universal broad-spectrum cleaning system and high performance through execution of multi-channel magnetic impulse installation MIG
  • Convenient control - manual and automatic mode with programmable algorithm
  • conomical and effective cleaning of bunkers, chutes, bath screens, cyclonic separators of any size, wall thickness and configuration with minimal power consumption
  • High dependability of MIG installation with modern security systems, monitoring and control systems based on Siemens PLC
  • Elimination of downtime and increase of productivity, as well as dangerous and hard manual labor when cleaning bunkers
  • Longer performance of  bunkers, cyclonic separators and other containers due to the lack of deformation of the walls during cleaning and removing material freezes
MIG installation comply with the standards of Russian Federation and ISO 9001-2008 certified. The possibility of using magnetic impulse MIG units at hazardous facilities is confirmed by lisences received from RosTekhNadzor (Russian Technical Safety Agency) based on technical documentation and examination of industrial safety.
Qualified staff and strong production base of the INTERTECH company are key factors in development and implementation of magnetic impulse systems of various capacities for the effective collapse of hang loose materials in the coal industry.
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