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Production, transportation and storage of construction materials is accompanied by depsiting and sticking of plaster, cement, sand, chalk, limestone, etc. on the walls of bunkers, hanging and arching, causing disruptions in production processes that leads to downtime due to time spent for cleaning bunkers, increasing the number of spoilages of product.

Our company has developed and implemented a secure and efficient magnetic impulse cleaning system of bunkers, silos, cyclonic separators, chutes and other containers used in the construction industry from build-up of bulk materials and for the destruction of deposits on work surfaces.
To date magnetic impulse installation MIG is the alternative to the traditionally used equipment for surface cleaning - vibrators, mechanical agitators and pneumatic cleaning systems for cleaning bunkers and collapsing arching. They are inefficient and expensive and do not provide complete exemption of working tanks and cleaning of the walls, and some of such equipmetn lead to breakage.
Magnetic impulse installation MIG enables not only effectively elimination of consolidated and cone arching of construction materials in bunkers, silos and other containers, but also prevents build-up and depositing of bulk materials on the walls of processing equipment and loss of working volume of containers.

Universality of MIG installation allows its use in the manufacture of various types of bulk construction materials in various industrial processes. Cleaning the dust bunkers and grinding lines in the cement industry, eliminating arching of chalk, gravel and plaster, cleaning of electrostatic precipitators and bag filters’ regeneration - is incomplete list of applicability of magnetic impulse system in the construction industry.

We produce several types of magnetic impulse installations with adjustable parameters of the power impulse action to address arching of bulk materials in silos and bunkers of different designs and capacities.

Magnetic impulse cleaning system of bunkers and collapsing of arching allows the possibility automatically (without attendance of personnel) to eliminate the buildup of materials on the walls and to ensure continuity of its exit from the bunker.

Magnetic impulse installation MIG is a modern system of arch-collapsing and cleaning, highly efficient in removing hanging of materials in the bunkers, of low power consumption at the lowest cost in operation and maintenance. The use of MIG installation demonstrated its high reliability and durability. Equipping bunkers, silos, cyclonic separators, electrostatic precipitators with magnetic impulse systems improves the performance and time of service of manufacturing equipment, eliminates the manual methods of treatment and increases the quality and volume of output of construction materials.

Magnetic impulse installation MIG works well in a variety of operating conditions and temperatures. Cleaning the bag filters and electrostatic precipitators, work surfaces of bunkers, cyclonic separators, silos, chutes and other containers from sediment materials does not require pre-heating or air drying.

Magnetic impulse cleaning system is easily integrated into control system of construction enterprises to optimize the entire production process.
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