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In the food industry magnetic pulse cleaning system is widely used to eliminate hang in the bunker and the collapse of the vaults of various bulk materials in the manufacture of flour, bread, milk, pastries, cereals and animal feed. Scope of the magnetic pulse MIG units - is the cleaning of the flour bins, cleaning dryers dry milk svodoobrushenie, cleaning silos, cyclones and other containers that are used in various process steps in the manufacture of various food products.

Bakery and confectionery

High reliability of magnetic impulse installation MIG, mobile adjustment of modes and versatility allows to establish a stable process of manufacturing of bakery products.

Timely and regular cleaning of containers from flour, eliminating build-up of powder materials from bunker walls and flour-storage silos, collapsing of arches in silos contribute to emptying containers and precise dosing of bulk materials.

Magnetic impulse cleaning system for cleaning bunkers is irreplaceable in the confectionery industry for the output of flour from storage and production containers. Effective elimination of arching of  flour in bunkers, silos, cyclonic separators and collapsing of arching are key to a stable work of all processing equipment and manufacture of quality products in required quantities.

Production of cereals and combined feed

Uniform unloading of bulk materials and complete cleaning of bunkers, silos and removal of sediment materials on the walls of the processing equipment in the production of cereals and combined feed is provided by magnetic impulse installation MIG.

Magnetic impulse system far exceeds all indicators of bunker activators and silo-aeration systems that are widely used to eliminate arching and to clean cyclonic separators, bunkers, silos from fine materials. MIG installation does not deform cleaned surfaces and is more effective in cleaning containers, durable and economical.

Production of milk powder

Modern equipment to clean surfaces from adhering materials - magnetic impulse installation MIG can replace inefficient, difficult in operating and maintainance electromechanical and pneumohammers traditionally used in the production of milk powder to clean containers and dryers.

MIG installation is easily mounted on conical and cylindrical parts of drying chambers and provides for simple and effective elimination of hanging and cleaning of buildup on the walls from small particles of the product.

Workong in automatic mode magnetic impulse installation MIG improves technological processes in production of milk powder, increases and improves final product quality.

Flour milling

In flour milling MIG installation is used to clean bunkers and silos from flour, bran, to remove deposits from the walls of storage bunkers and flour silos in order to increase capacity of the equipment.

Magnetic impulse installation MIG does not affect the monitoring sensors of filling bunkers and silos. At any time one can adjust the parameters of the power impulse of MIG installation on the cleaned surfaces of bunkers, silos, cyclonic separators for the best results of cleaning containers from flour and grain.
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