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Magnetic impulse installation MIG

Magnetic impulse installation MIG is a device for cleaning surfaces from contamination of various origins (adhesion, freezing, bridging or arching), first of all for cleaning bunkers, cleaning silos, cleaning chutes, surfaces of freight cars and elevators.
Magnetic impulse installation MIG effectively cleans bunkers and silos from various adhered substances and materials such as coal, ore, charge, concentrate, limestone, solid fuel, ash, foundry sands, feed, cement, fertilizer, flour, milk powder, etc.
The practice of magnetic impulse installations usage in various enterprises indicates higher efficiency of magnetic impulse method of arch-collapsing and cleaning compared to vibration and pneumatic collapsing.

Magnetic impulse installation MIG is energy-saving device. The maximum power consumption during capacitor bank charging is up to 4.5 kW. The maximum average power consumption (continuous operation of the equipment) is up to 3 kW.
The use of Siemens Simatic S7 universal controller to set the charging voltage and use of modern element base with a stock of face value up to 70% and presence of a number of protection systems against abnormal operating conditions provide exceptional reliability of magnetic impulse installation MIG.

Use of Siemens universal controller gives ample opportunity for adjusting and managing MIG installation:

  • Change of any system on Siemens Simatic S7 operator panel, or in operator’s room;
  • Individual control of each impulse in any channel in time and power;
  • Integration into any available control system (through the use of standard interfaces: PPI, Profibus, Modbus, Ithernet, etc.)
  • Networking capability of managing multiple systems with several remotes (up to 31)
Magnetic pulse MIG setting allows the best possible impression on the whole tank, unlike the original.
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