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Magnetic Impulse installation (MIG) is used in the metallurgical industry in the sintering, blast furnace, foundry, converter production where there is need to clean tanks and silos of lime, blend, ores; as well as cleaning electrostatic precipitators, and in bag filters regeneration.
Magnetic impulse installation solves a number of issues that have direct impact on the stability and continuity of production processes in the industry such as: cleaning large capacity hoppers, economical performance of arc-collapse and cleaning of silos of residual ore, coke, limestone, safely eliminate hang loose materials in containers, etc.

Integration of MIG installation in Automatic control systems of metallurgical complex optimizes the management and control system parameters of cleaning bins, silos and other containers from arching and sticking materials.


In sintering where quite often during processing of bulk materials various containers are used magnetic impulse cleaning system can effectively remove arching in bunkers, perform arch-collapsing without stopping the main production processes as well as destruction of deposits on the walls of trays and chutes. Unlike manual cleaning or traditionally used vibrators and pneumatic destroyers magnetic impulse installation MIG easily eliminates sticking humid charge materials without dehumidification and with guaranteed integrity cleaning surfaces.


Magnetic impulse installation MIG is successfully used in foundries to remove arching and to clean bunkers from molding sand (compund). Thaus, elimination os build-up of fine mixture of clay, sand and bonding plastic materials of various degrees of humidity on the walls of the bunkers of any construction. Early collapse of arching of molding sands contributes to their uniform exit out of the bunker, increases productivity of foundry equipment and quality casting.

Blast Furnace Production

At the various preparatory operations in blast furnace production there is need to use the equipment to clean the surfaces of bulk materials - coke, ore, flux, charge, etc. that adhere to the walls of the bunkers, chutes, bins. We offer an effective solution to the problem of collapse hovering in bunker with the magnetic impulse cleaning system. Full automation of the cleaning process of the coke dust, removing deposits from the walls of the bunker used on the bridges of blast furnaces and in the areas of aspiration optimizes blast furnace processes and ensures safe and efficient removal of material build-up.

Converting processes

Magnetic impulse installation MIG works in the most difficult working conditions of converting processes and provides high quality arch-collapse and tank cleaning from fine-grained and coarse-grained bulk materials and dust.

Progressive magnetic impulse cleaning system eliminates hang lime, ferroalloys, fluorspar and provides uninterrupted supply and loading of bulk materials into large-capacity converters which increases their productivity. Regular collapse of arches and lockups and buildup on the walls of the processing equipment increases its durability and reliability.
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