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Raw materials processed at the mining and processing sites tend to stick on surfaces of bunkers and tend to form arches induced by adhesion of fine particles. For minimal costs magnetic impulse installation MIG eliminates sticking and freezing of ore, limestone and rock in bunkers without stopping the main production.

Ore-dressing production

In present-day ore-dressing plants more cost-effective and safer magnetic impulse cleaning systems are replacing the ineffective ways of collapsing of stuck and frozen loose materials on the walls of bins and cleaning of ore with electric vibrators, manual cleaning and infrared radiation heating surfaces to be cleaned in the winter.

The effective collapse of arches and removal of hung materials in bunkers is performed with the use of non-contact impact impulse of mechanical force. In this case pre-heating of materials is not required; whereas energy consumption of magnetic impulse installation is only 0.5-3 kW/hour.

Lime production

As raw materials for the production of lime soft and hard rocks of different sizes - limestone, marl, chalk, and dolomite – are used. They tend to build-up and depositing on the walls of bunker that are used during various stages of lime production. To ensure consistently high working volume of bunkers, uniform and measured output of materials from the bunker there is a need for regular cleaning of surfaces, eliminating deadlocks, arch-collapse, buildup and raw materials, and removal of lime.

The use of magnetic impulse installation in lime production allows for high performance of lime kilns, automatic loading and unloading of raw materials and finished product without attendants, whereas finished product is of relevant regulatory requirements.

Alumina production

Magnetic impulse installation MIG effectively solves such problems of alumina production as cleaning large capacity bunkers with slats and of large wall thickness, as well as the collapse of the archs of wet material into bunkers. In such cases magnetic impulse installation with large stored energy and actuators is used plant types MIG large stored energy and with enough actuators to guarantee the destruction and removal of sediment hangs in the bunker.

Traditionally, the equipment used to clean surfaces (eccentric vibrators and hydrolic destroyers) does not allow solving problems with suspension and sticking of bauxites to the walls of the bunker, and it leads to a breach of technological processes and pollutes production facilities. Installation MIG provides a stable and productive work of accumulating bunkers with hard walls, and equipment section of wet grinding of bauxite prone to hang in bunkers due to the fine fraction and wet materials. Collapse of the vaults of bulk materials in the process of unloading using magnetic impulse installation MIG allows to fully empty tanks without an operator.

Magnetic impulse bunkers cleaning system allows to achieve high economic performance of alumina production to ensure smooth operation of the equipment and strict observance of technological regimes.
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