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At each facility used bins, silos or other containers for storage and transport of bulk products and in most cases they are experiencing problems associated with hanging loose products.                 

For over five years INTERTECH manufactures magnetic impulse installations MIG TU 3414-777-85677709-10 designed for arch-collapsing, bunker cleaning and removal of hangings in bunkers, and elimination and prevention of sediment build-up and freezing of bulk materials on the walls of processing equipment as well as regeneration of bag filters and electrostatic cleaning.

The list of our services includes full range of works on manufacture of magnetic impulse cleaning systems: visit of experts to examine the facilities, design of installation MIG  in accordnace with set parameters, manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of magnetic impulse installations.

Efficiency, reliability and simplicity in use of MIGinstallations far exceed the currently known equipment for surface cleaning and arch-collapsing - vibrators, air-guns, electromechanical and pneumatic hammers, etc.

Using company-patented innovative solution of ITR technology for complete magnetic impulse cleaning systems we have significantly improved the reliability of MIG installations, optimized performance and management processes.

Magnetic impulse installation MIG is used in all areas of industry in processing, storage and transportation of bulk materials. This versatile system for cleaning bunkers, silos, containers and other cleaning electrostatic precipitators, simply and effectively removes build-up and hang-loose materials on work surfaces.

MIG installations have been successfully used in the metallurgical, mining, chemical, coal, food processing and construction industries for cleaning silos, bunkers, cyclonic separators, cars, elevators from caking and deposits of ore, coke, limestone, powdered milk, cement and other materials.

Magnetic impulse installation MIG increases capacity of feeders, bunkers, ensures the continuity of the technological cycle and automates the process of cleaning bunkers, silos, boilers and containers from powdered materials.

The economic effect of the use of magnetic impulse installation MIG for arch-collapsing, destruction of deposits, elimination of hanging and build-up of bulk materials is achieved by reducing the downtime required for manual cleaning of bunkers, and by reducing the cost of electricity and compressed air, increasing volume and quality of production.

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