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Description of equipment

Scope of use of magnetic impulse installation MIG includes cleaning bunkers, silos, cyclonic separators, collapsing arches, prevention and destruction of deposits, elimination of build-up and hang-up materials, and the regeneration of filters.
Magnetic impulse system is used in various manufacturing operations in various industries for cleaning bunkers, silos, railcars and chutes and prevents freezing and hanging of loose materials in bunkers, cyclonic separators and other metal containers.

MIG installation provides instantaneous impulse of mechanical force by the conversion of electrical energy stored in the capacitors into mechanical energy fluctuations cleaning surfaces.

The main elements of magnetic impulse installation MIG are: magnetic impulse generator, control system, actuators (from 1 to 48) connected to a high-voltage generator via a coaxial cable.

176721403_1.jpgMagnetic pulse generator is mounted in Rittal enclosure (cabinet) IP54 and used to generate high-power pulses of electrical current.

  Functional blocks of magnetic impulse generator of MIG installation are:483927803_6.jpg

  • Constant current source
  • Capacitor bank to accumulate energy up to 16 kJ
  • High-voltage switch - consistently included pair of thyristors
  • System of control of charge and overcurrent protection
  • Control system based on SIEMENS controller

When assembling the magnetic impulse generator of MIG installation reliable components from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Rittal, ABB, Schneider Electric, Finder, etc. are used.

173200803_1.jpgMagnetic impulse system MIG is controlled by using the operator panel Siemens KTP 400 Basic  mono connected via Ethernet with PLC Siemens Simatic S7-1200.  PLC Simatic S7-1200 controls the voltage on the storage capacitors, as well as level of charge.

Actuator of magnetic impulse installation MIG consists of a coil-anchor pair that serves as transmitter pulse of electromagnetic energy into an instant pulse of mechanical force.

559911803_5.jpgThe inductor is a flat coil of insulated copper wire with a rectangular cross section, placed inside  insulating material and filled with impact-resistant casting compound. Inductor is made of heat-resistant material that can withstand the temperature of heating up to 140 ° C.

The anchor is made of materials of high electrical conductivity and is a two-layer plate of aluminum and steel.

To collapse arches, to eliminate hangings in bunkers and to clean walls from the build-up of loose materials or destruction of deposits and to clean silos, cyclonic separators and other containers, a defined series of pulses at various intervals are sent on each pair of actuators. 559912003_1.jpg
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