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Principle of operation

The operation principle of magnetic impulse installation MIG is cyclic influence of mechanical impulses to different parts of the surface being cleaned.
Inductor and the conductive plate (anchor) of steel and aluminum are the main actuators of magnetic impulse cleaning system. To one magnetic impulse installation MIG one can connect from 1 to 48 or more actuators.

To receive more powerful impulse generator of impulse current is used that which consists of the following basic components: the power supply, a high-energy storage (capacitor bank), the switch, the system of protection and control unit.
On command from PLC Siemens Simatic S7 rectified voltage arrives to the storage capacitors from a source of energy (power transformer). High voltage switch provides discharge of the capacitor bank to the inductor with certain intervals.

At discharge the inductor current pulse induces eddy currents in the armature, resulting in induction of two opposite-directed magnetic fields between the anchor and the inductor. The interaction of magnetic fields leads to the formation of an impulse of mechanical force that through the plate (anchor) affects the surface to be cleaned.

The destruction and removal of sediment build-up on the walls of  bunkers, silos, chutes and other containers is performed thanks to multiple impulsed mechanical impacts on adhering layer, the frozen or hung material. This gives rise to the elastic deformation of the surface to be cleaned, and the shear stress in the layer of adhering material which leads to the destruction of its integrity and shattering.

Magnetic impulse cleaning system does not affect the strength of the treated surfaces and the air gap between the inductor and the ankor ensures their safe contactless mutual influence which extends the life of the actuator.

The number of impulses and the power of mechanical action is defined for each object individually. If necessary, these parameters can be easily adjusted to provide guaranteed destruction and removal of sediment build-up materials.

The order of interaction of devices of magnetic impulse system, control over the charge and discharge of the capacitor, and the function of the protection device is performed by Siemens Simatic S7 controller.
Reliability of magnetic impulse installation MIG is ensured by the electronic overcurrent protection unit that turns on alarm in case of emergency and forwards the information to the PLC.

Management, data entry and operation modes, as well as system status of magnetic impulse cleaning is performed using the panel Siemens KTP 400 - peripheral or built on the cabinet door.

Developed by "INTERTECH" LLC magnetic impulse installation MIG allows for effective cleaning of electrostatic precipitators, regeneration of bag filters, removal of buildup from the walls of bunkers, silos and destruction of deposits on the walls of the cyclonic separators, boilers, etc.
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