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The advantages

Many years of experience in the application of magnetic impulse installations MIG support their distinct advantages over other cleaning systems for similar purpose (vibrators, pneumatic, electromagnetic shock mechanisms, etc.).

Scope of use of of magnetic impulse system and the benefits of its use:

  • High quality effective cleaning. A distinctive feature of the magnetic impulse cleaning system is in provision of instant mechanical impulse with adjustable pulse strength and coordination of the system parameters to the characteristics of cleaning equipment which allows for the most efficient collapse of arches and elimination of deposits with minimal efforts.
  • Non-invasive method of exposure. The air gap between the inductor and the ankor attached to the wall of the surface to be to be cleaned is guarantee of durability of the primary node of magnetic impulse installation while the same air gap provides high efficiency removal of nung materials and arch-collapses in bunkers.
  • Energy-saving and minimal operational costs are achieved through energy efficient magnetic impulse installation and absence of advance preparation - air drying or heating of frozen materials.
  • Security and integrity of the treated surfaces. Adjusting the magnetic impulse installation within parameters of elastic deformation of the wall materials of treated surfaces ensures effective cleaning and prevention and elimination of arches, destruction of sediments adhering materials without mechanical damage to bunker walls, cyclonic separators, silos and other technological equipment. Operation of this equipment has no harmful effect on the diagnostic systems and instrumentation.
  • Durability. Long service life of magnetic pulse installation is ensured by the absence of colliding parts in actuators as well as use of number of protection systems for emergency situations. Operating lifetime of MIG is minimum 15 years wich significantly exceeds time of service of air-guns and vibrators as well as that of similar installations from other manufacturers.

Improving conditions and safety of labor. The use of magnetic impulse cleaning systems in different industries allows to completely eliminate manual labor in cleaning hangs and build-up in bunkers and destruction of deposits on the walls of cyclonic separators, silos, raiilcars, etc. Assembly of installation is performed without stopping main production processes.

Magnetic impulse installation MIG provides high surface cleaning and effective arch-collapsing due to the design and use of reliable components from leading world manufacturers.

We produce modern equipment for surface cleaning and arch-collapsing that has range of competitive advantages:

-  Wide range of use. Large stock of accumulated energy up to 20 kJ can create a powerful impulse instant action, quickly and efficiently handle larger container with hard to clean surfaces of high hardness (with slats and large wall thickness) and perform a collapse of hovering fine, frozen and wet materials. Magnetic impulse system fro cleaning bunkers, silos, cyclonic separators, electrostatic precipitators, etc. can be used at hazardous production facilities.

Effective impact in the right place. Multichannel construction of magnetic impulse installation MIG enables the optimal placement of actuators on the surfaces to be cleaned to remove build-up, collapse hangs in bunkers and destruction of bulk material deposits on the walls of the equipment. One MIG installation may have up to 48 actuators (impulse excitation points) working with different power and impulse frequency with a radius of action of each actuator - up to 2-2.5 m.

Versatility and efficiency. One magnetic impulse installation MIG can be used arch-collapsing, cleaning and removal of sediment build-up of different materials on the working surfaces of several objects that differ in structure and capacity. Because cost of the power unit of magnetic impulse system is ten times greater than the cost of actuators, it provides a substantial saving per unit of production equipment.

Convenient operation and control. Magnetic impulse system MIG works in manual and automatic mode. Universal controller Siemens Simatic S7 provides any algorithm to MIG installation, easy to modify and adjust the power, range and time of exposure to the actuators at each point with the help of control panel. It is possible to organize management via network of multiple actuators through operator panel. INTERTECH is the owner of the patent for use of PLCs in MIG installations.

Reliability and dependability. Use of Siemens PLC in the protection and control systems of magnetic impulse installations MIG guarantees trouble-free operation and exceptional reliability.

Compatibility and integration into control systems. The use of standard interfaces (PPI, Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet, etc.) enables the integration of magnetic impulse system MIG into existing and newly designed control systems.

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